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What does Jet Marketing do?

Jet Marketing LLC is a full service online marketing agency. We like the word agency, rather than say, company—because we believe that successful online marketing is best achieved through relationships between our team and our clients—we strive to have a real relationship with you. When we know you, we know your audience.

After we’ve gotten to know you and your business—your hopes and dreams, your vision and goals— we become useful. We’re able to pull it all together for our clients by putting a marketing strategy into real life production. Jet Marketing LLC has done the work, through several years of research and by implementing a variety of practices, that will optimize your brand and deliver results.

In order to expand and grow your business, we devise a plan based on your goals. Do you want to drive online sales for your business or increase your social media audience to market to a select following? Are you seeking to run a branding campaign and make your business a household name? Jet Marketing LLC does it all. We provide email marketing, social media, content writing, display marketing and more.

A partnership with us will allow you to focus on the core competency of your business, while we do the rest. When you’re in a relationship with us, you get support and advisement from our expert team. We keep close track and measure what’s going on with your marketing campaign. We figure out how to keep your online reputation protected and we explain to you why we’re doing the things we’re doing so you can become knowledgeable of online marketing as well.

At Jet Marketing LLC we keep our clients organized and focused—because then we all succeed. As a significant other to us, our goal is to make you significant to potential customers—good relationships lead to other good and productive relationships. And that’s what our agency ultimately does, build relationships.

Todd Steinberg

President & Founder
John Elder

Originally from Brooklyn, Todd studied Business and Marketing at the University of Central Florida. He is the President, Founder, CEO, Janitor and everything in between, of Jet Marketing LLC.

With 10 years of Performance Based Online Marketing under his belt, Todd started Jet Marketing, LLC—named for his love of the New York Jets. Always having an entrepreneurial spirit, Todd finally decided that working for himself would be the ultimate success.

Since its inception, Jet Marketing has had a laid-back, relaxed, team oriented culture. Todd doesn’t believe in the fuss of a corporate office, he’s not into micro-managing and believes that Jet Marketing will continue to thrive if everyone has the same motivation—to grow the businesses of his clients and, in turn, drive the growth of Jet Marketing. And a little partying never hurts. The staff goes to movies together, and celebrates the holidays in super style.

Todd loves his New York Jets and the New York Knicks. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and three children and being at the pool with a cocktail in hand. He golfs, loves The Beatles, plays the guitar and is an avid foodie and wine enthusiast. He and his family are regulars at Disney World and he and his wife attend the Food and Wine Festival each year. For Todd, the old adage rings true—work hard, play hard.

Jared Steinberg

Vice President of Marketing
John Elder

A native of Brooklyn, Jared is our VP of Marketing. Jared has several years in the industry, beginning with Search Engine Optimization and then honing his skills in the affiliate marketing side of the industry. Before coming to Jet Marketing, he migrated over to focusing on analytical and operational aspects of Marketing

He has been with Jet Marketing since 2013—managing the email team and in the trenches, sending emails, as well.

When he’s not at work, Jared hangs out with his wife, two cats and one dog. He loves movies and television, mostly Sci-Fi, although he admits to getting into The Voice these days. He’s also a huge New York Giants fan.

Javier Soto

Vice President of Technology
John Elder

Born in Valencia, Venezuela, Javier is the VP of Technology at Jet Marketing. He studied Computer Science at FAU and has over 10 years experience as a software developer focused entirely on Internet Marketing.

His job entails managing and maintaining the current technology infrastructure and overseeing and implementing the development of every facet for our clients—from the conception of each project. Javier has extensive knowledge of business practices and backend software—requirements for successful online marketing, email marketing and lead generation.

Javier loves to travel, particularly to Napa where he can indulge his love of food and wine. He’s also an avid scuba diver and lover of scotch and beer.

JC Cornell

Director of Business Development
John Elder

JC is a native of Los Angeles, California -- but grew up constantly moving across the globe. With destinations ranging from Cali to Singapore he has finally found a permanent home in Sarasota, Florida with his wife Allison. JC attended Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, majoring in Business Management and Hatred of Boston Sports Fans.

JC is our Director of Business Development and he leverages his past relationships to generate new business for us and for all our clients. With connections in retail, online stores and advertising networks he can help place your product in front of millions of eye balls.

On his downtime, JC loves to watch UCLA, and is a huge fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning and Buccaneers. You can also find him on the golf course or out on the water boating and fishing.

Colleen Hager

Email Marketing Manager
John Elder

Originally from Staten Island, NY, Colleen now lives in Boca Raton and another Jet Marketing Email Marketing Manager—responsible for the development, planning and execution of marketing for our clients. She has a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and International Business and an AS in Business Administration.

Colleen has over 20-years of experience in the Marketing Industry. Her position includes the analysis and optimization of marketing campaigns and of product and offer management for our client’s.

Colleen loves to travel, her favorite vacation spot is Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She enjoys riding her bicycle and is always working on home improvements—when she’s not busy improving our marketing campaigns, of course. Colleen is a dedicated wife and mother to her one daughter.

Arthur Derico II

Email Marketing Analyst
John Elder

Originally from Palm Bay, Florida, Arthur graduated from Lincoln Memorial University with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and Business Management. He is our Email Marketing Analyst. His job entails reporting and analyzing the trends of our top offers and highest performers.

When he’s not at work, Arthur spends time with his daughter and hangs out at the beach. He’s also interested in personal development, working out and practicing Tai Chi and Wing Chun, (that’s Bruce Lee stuff, if you didn’t know).

Todd Reiber

Email Campaign Manager
John Elder

A resident of Gilbert, Arizona, Todd Eric Reiber is our Email Campaign Manager. Todd has an AAS in Business Administration and was previously a General Contractor, building single family homes.

As Email Campaign Manager, Todd manages the implementation and distribution of marketing emails, including data management and analytics.

When he’s not at work, Todd plays basketball and is a nature enthusiast—hiking, camping, fishing and hunting—to name a few of his favorite outdoor activities. He is also an avid volunteer with both domestic and international causes.

Matt Ball

Client Success Manager
John Elder

A native of Sarasota, Florida, Matthew Ball graduated from Valencia College. He is our Client Success Manager, which—in a nut shell—means he helps our clients with any issues they’re having to ensure their ultimate productivity.

For example; he troubleshoots platform issues, helps devise mailing strategies and provides one-on-one training for our services. Matthew prides himself on being a friendly face for all of our clients.

When he’s not doing his thing at work, Matthew loves anything that gets his heart pumping. He’s an avid surfer and is attending skydiving school. Matthew has an Australian Sheppard, Sadie, that is his World. Sadie has placed First in three dog competitions and attends a rigorous puppy school.

Alex Frades

Front End Developer
John Elder

Alex Frades was born in Cuba, although he was too young to remember living there. He currently lives in Fort Lauderdale. He has a technical degree from ITT and has taken college courses at several other technical schools. Previously, Alex was a Web Developer with heavy backend database programming.

Alex is Jet Marketing’s Front-End Web Developer, meaning he focuses on user experience with responsive and mobile adaptation.

He enjoys the latest video and projection technologies and how they have migrated from the screen to the home so seamlessly.

Max Kagno

Graphic Designer
John Elder

Max Kagno, a Boca Raton native, is our Graphic Designer and is currently in college. Prior to working at Jet Marketing, Max did freelance design work.

He enjoys drawing and digital and film photography. He also loves longboarding and drinking lots of coffee.