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If your business is already working with advertising, we make sure that your strategy is successful. We optimize your ad traffic by using analytical data implementation models. Our team is experienced in advertising and uses several revenue models, including cost per click (CPC), cost per lead (CPL), cost per acquisition (CPA) and cost per thousand (CPM).

At Jet Marketing LLC, we know what works and what doesn’t and most importantly, we figure out why. We ensure that your advertising dollars are achieving the maximum return of investment—making them worthwhile and valuable for our clients.

Web & Mobile Design/Development

Have you come up with an incredible proposal for a website or mobile app? We believe in you and we’ll figure out how to make it a profitable reality. Lots of people have ideas, not everyone has the gumption to make it work. We take your resourcefulness and innovation and turn it into real life. Because we know what we’re doing, hiring us is another of your revolutionary ideas. As a full service agency, Jet Marketing LLC is able to build and develop your brainchild into exactly what you envision.

Consulting Services

We’re here for you. As an agency, we understand first and foremost, how to measure ROI success. We have a firm grip on our clients’ needs and numbers and we know how much every lead and sale will cost. Jet Marketing LLC doesn’t tout the number of impressions content receives, we translate these impressions to revenue for our clients.

With our consulting services, we provide you with the support you need to understand the impact your marketing campaigns will have. We answer our clients’ questions, honestly and efficiently and devise the best plan based on the needs and resources of the individual business.

As your consultant service, we want this to be a long-term, evolving and mutually beneficial relationship, above all else. Through complete transparency and explanation, we discuss your results together, as a team. After all, your success is our success.

Email Marketing & Data Management

Unlike many data management companies, Jet Marketing LLC doesn’t Spray and Pray when blasting your email campaigns. We just don’t see the point and we don’t like to waste time or resources. Primarily, we strive not to annoy your consumer through unnecessary additions to their already full in-boxes. To achieve results, email marketing has to engage and be of value.

Jet Marketing LLC wants you to have the best possible opportunity to communicate with your customers through email campaigns. Email marketing is an essential way to grow a business, and can build a lasting and successful relationship between you and your consumer, but only when done correctly. We want your clients to look forward to opening your emails, not trashing them.

Our email marketing specialists develop strategies based on actual data, that we manage with consistency, from each individual client that in turn, provides higher open rates. We use creative strategies through design and copywriting, brand awareness development and opt-in e-newsletters—not spraying and praying with our fingers crossed. The results for our clients are successful, proven email campaigns.

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